Financing Architecture for Green Buildings in India
24 Mar, 2020

India has the second largest urban population in the world and this is expected to double by 2050, with the addition of 416 million people. Concurrently with 70 percent (IFC estimates) of the buildings (housing, retail, commercial, hospitality and health) needed by 2030 still to be constructed, India’s construction sector is at an inflection point – an opportunity for energy efficiency expansion by building green.. Residential and commercial buildings in India account for 30 percent of the energy consumption. This is expected to increase to 48% by 2042. Given that certified green buildings can deliver energy savings between 20-30 percent and water savings of up to 30-50 percent, India should attach greater importance to high-performing green buildings, as it strives to reduce green house emissions by 33-35% (from 2005 levels).