The Number of Green Buildings to Increase with the Domestic Green Certificate System YeS-TR
24 Jan, 2020

Turkey at the national and local levels of energy efficiency, will be developed for the dissemination of environmentally friendly buildings and settlement practices local National Green Certification Scheme (YES-Tor is) completed, the certificate will be given certificates to buildings and settlements by the competent authorities. The reasons such as global warming and climate change, decrease in water resources, environmental pollution and rapid consumption of natural resources make it necessary to build green buildings in the building sector. Within the scope of sustainable development, since 1990, various green building certifications have been created to support the construction of buildings that consume less energy, use less natural resources and pollute the environment in many countries, especially in developed countries. In this context, the protocol for the development of a “National Evaluation Guide” between the Ministry and Istanbul Technical University (ITU) on February 26, 2016 in order to evaluate and certify buildings and settlements suitable for climate data and the region, consuming energy and water as much as they need, using renewable energy sources.