Shopping Centre Lippulaiva to Become A Pioneer of Sustainable Energy Solutions
25 Aug, 2020

Shopping centre Lippulaiva, due to be opened in spring 2022, will become the flagship of local energy production. The largest geothermal heating and cooling facility for a commercial building in Europe is being built under the shopping centre, and it will generate carbon-free energy to meet almost the entire heating and cooling needs of the shopping centre. The facility and several other sustainable energy solutions make it possible for Lippulaiva to participate in the EU's SPARCS project, which aims to promote energy efficiency and electric-powered modes of transport. 

There are 31 partners around Europe involved in the EU's project. Along with Leipzig, Germany, the City of Espoo is one of the lighthouse cities of the project, where the majority of solutions are implemented. In addition, the project includes five fellow cities, where proven solutions are implemented later on: Reykjavik, Maia, Kladno, Lviv and Kifissia. The total duration of the project, which started in October 2019, is five years. Citycon was invited to SPARCS because of the Lippulaiva construction project due to its wide variety of sustainable energy solutions.