The Top Sustainable Developments Interfacing Between Green And Smart
04 Dec, 2019

New World Development’s K11 Atelier office building on King’s Road has received three of the highest sustainable building certifications. In the Chief Executive’s 2019 Policy Address, the plan to improve the energy efficiency of government buildings and to encourage bureaus and departments to show their commitment to low-carbon growth has focused attention on sustainability in the real estate sector again.“The discussions around green buildings are not new, but we are now seeing greater commitment than before from the government and developers,” says Alex Katsanos, director and head of business advisory for Hong Kong and Macau at natural and built assets consultancy Arcadis. The group’s Sustainability Vision 2030 (SV2030) references the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and steers NWD to curate business offerings and initiatives revolving around green, wellness, smart and caring.