Zero Energy Buildings in Western Science and Innovation Park


The project makes critical contributions to the eco-city construction in Xixian New District, as well as to achieving green and low-carbon development. Its major investor is Xixian New District Jiaoda Science Innovation New Port Co., Ltd.. With a total investment of 500 million RMB,  the project is expected to complete by 2017.

The project will serve as an important research platform for the Urban Human Settlement and Climate Adaption Innovation Centre established by the New Urbanization, Environment Management and Innovation Institute of Xi’an Jiaotong University. The Centre focuses on urban climate environment planning, green building and architecture industry modernization. The project will apply a number of green building technologies to construct high-star, zero energy buildings. The goal is to lead the development of green building technology research in Northwest China.

As for clean energy, the project will apply the third generation technology of distributed energy resources. It uses different energy sources in an integrated manner, as the area is rich in energy sources such as solar and geothermal energy. Detailed information will be shared on energy websites.

Lead agency: Fengxi New Town Construction and Environmental Protection Bureau

Implementing Agency: Xixian New District Jiaoda Science Innovation New Port Co., Ltd.



The project aims to achieve 100% energy saving.