Eco-building Exhibition Centre


Qianshan River is known as the mother river of Zhuhai. It has a length of 8 km, and flows southward to the southwestern tip of Macau. It is considered as an important landscape corridor of Zhuhai.

This project is located in the east bank of the river, between Qianshan Bridge and Zhisheng Bridge. Along the east bank of the river, there are 18 buildings of different styles scattered in a poor environment. Re-design and renovation of the buildings are needed to match the overall landscape along Qianshan River. The total floor area of the 18 buildings covers a area of 11,514 square meters. This project mainly focuses on six of them, which cover an area of 11,000 square meters.  

The aim is to apply advanced green building technologies, including on energy system, water system, construction material, interior environmental and management, as well as old building re-design and reuse methods from Europe. It is hoped that the project can become a successful show-case of energy-saving renovation of existing buildings.

 Lead agency: Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai Municipal Bureau of Housing, Urban-Rural, Planning and Construction

Responsible entity: Zhuhai City Construction Co., Ltd.


  • After renovation, existing buildings should reach 2 stars in energy saving at a minimum, becoming a highlight on the banks of Qianshan River.