Green Building for Municipal Party School


The new campus of the Municipal Party School of Weihai Communist Party of China (CPC) is located in the Eastern Binhai New Town. It covers an area of 7.2 ha and has a planned construction area of 60,000 m2. The total investment is 316 million RMB. Its architechtural design is based on three principles, which include:

Reflect the overall principles of urban design and planning quality of Binhai New Town; 

Create a garden-style campus that is convinient and environmentally-friendly; 

Be in line with the social image of the CPC party school: simple, serious and elegant. 

After its completion, the new campus will accommodate 1,300 students.


Ecological City Influence: Save energy worth of 1 million RMB per year. 

Assets Involved: land of 7 ha and office buildings of 45,000 square meters. 

Jobs creation: 1,000.