Development On Sponge City, Resilient City and Ecological Environment in Zhuhai
14 Jan, 2019

In summer 2018, EC-Link and the  Zhuhai Municipality signed a “Letter of Intent for the Promotion of Cooperation with the EC-Link Project”. Indeed the Project will provide clear guidance and work plans for the overall low-carbon ecological development strategy in accordance with the city's demand. In particular, EC-link will participate in the planning research, in the technical demonstration, cooperation, exchange and promotion of different pilot projects:

QianHuan Coast area landscaping design: the original idea is to design a beautiful park along the coastline. EC-Link will support by selecting EU cities and related experts so to design a coast area with resilience, not only for recreation, but also as a barrier for preventing flood for the city. 

Fushan Industrial Park: EC-Link was asked to introduce European cities whose experience could help promote and stimulate the local awareness on the separation of different kinds of solid waste. 

Fusan Industrial Water Treatment: EC-Link was asked to select European cities with strong experience in industrial waste management to help Zhuhai’s municipal government to better integrate its water purification plant into local surroundings and to further combine it with other city functions.